Monday, December 3, 2012

Bully Buddies Online Auction

The auction will run from 12:01 am PST December 3, 2012 to 9:00 pm PST December 9, 2012.

Please check our Facebook Page to bid on the various items. Thank You for your support!

Many thanks to our wonderful donors!
We couldn't have done it without your generosity!

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Graham Smith - Stone and Wood Sculptures

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Indian Head Massage by Lori Oliver

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Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update - BB alumni Molly

Molly came to Bully Buddies from a large cruelty/RCMP investigation, wherein 23 puppies and a number of adult dogs came into the SPCA`s care. Molly was very mangey and the sickest amongst all of the puppies- there were worries that she may not make it due to secondary infections. Well not only did Molly make it, but she has THRIVED. Here she is all grown up and with a full coat!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Luna update - Poor girl!

Luna visited Central City Animal Hospital yesterday where she had a bladder X-rays (yay no lumps!), a lump on her right front foot removed, and her rear right knee surgery- she did not care for the anesthetic at all! :-(

Here is Luna when she came home- She broke our hearts all night long.... 

Happy to report though that she is much better this morning, still not feeling so hot but no longer making a sound, had some breaky and a snuggle.

Day by day Luna... Day by day :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update - BB alumni Harlan

Harlan was adopted from us earlier this year. We just received this wonderful update from him new family. Harlan clearly hit the jackpot and looks like he had a fantastic, fun filled summer and fall!

We had a busy summer, with a couple of trips to Long Beach, camping at Lake Cowichan, multiple trips to Hornby Island and down to Brentwood Bay on the boat. We also took him on his first hike in trip to Raft Cove on the north end of the island. I've included some pics.

We also got him swimming this summer. He wasn't big on swimming, but he's starting to see the fun of going after sticks and is doing very well. He doesn't like the rain, so we bought him a rain coat, and he'll now tolerate it.
Sorry for not giving an update sooner, but as you can see we had a busy summer. 
Harlan seems to be enjoying the fall. We took him to Long Beach a couple of weeks ago, he loves running on the beach. We also went mushroom picking last weekend and he had a great time running through the woods. He likes to spend his evenings curled up in front of the wood stove.

Anyhow, thanks again everyone for all you did for Harlan and everything you do for all the other dogs. He's been a perfect fit for our family, everyone loves him very much!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Update - BB alumni Amber

We just received this hilarious update from Amber's family :-D Amber was adopted just a little over one year ago after she spent 8.5 months with us while recovering from double ACL/meniscus surgeries. She now regularly goes for long hikes which is just amazing as she couldn't walk at all when she first arrived in her foster home.

Hi guys, thought you might enjoy a little Amber update :)

We took her up to visit Hieu's family in Kelowna in October. We were surprised to find a 9 week old puppy in the house when we arrived!

Amber was sooo excited about the puppy and the poor little guy was so terrified by her exuberance that he peed himself on first greeting.

He quickly came around and realized she was tons of fun to harass and had a great time playing with her all weekend. She was absolutely awesome with him and seemed to really miss him when my sister-in-law would take him home for the night. She would let him steal all of her toys, lie on (and pee on) her bed, try to nurse from her, nibble on her lips, body slam her, hump her leg etc... we even witnessed her letting him win at tug :)

When she did reach her limits as to how much abuse she could tolerate from the little guy, this was her creative solution lol:

Unfortunately the one pic we got of her puppy-sitting practice doesn't show it, but she would sit on him and absolutely GRIN while doing it too.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Upcoming fundraiser - Online auction

Since the last one was so successful and covered the vet bills for several dogs, we are going to do it again - We are holding another online auction :-)

Auction will take place on our Facebook Page from December 3 - 9.

We are currently looking for donated items for the auction, please contact us at or

Bully Buddies provides online advertisement for your business on our website & blog, a tax receipt for donations over $20, and of course the good karma that comes with it! Please pass on - We'll take most anything!

Thank you so much for your kind consideration in this matter!

100% of the money raised will go towards our vet bills.

-Rookie had ACL surgery on Friday
- Sugar is in her adoptive home, but she came to us with an infection that turned out to be related to plates holding together an old badly broken leg.... so we have had to pay for plate removal surgery and likely femur head removal
surgery to come (couldn't do both surgeries at once due to the infection).
-Mouse has also cost us about a $1000 due to crashing as a wee pup and his hydrocephalus/seizure issues that are improving.
-Mojo the Chi may need eye surgery
-As always the "normal" small things but that all add up - spays/neuters, deworming etc.
Our handsome boy Rookie recovering from his ACL surgery that he had on November 2nd:


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Luna's trip to Squamish

Luna and I enjoyed a beautiful drive this morning from Pitt meadows to Squamish. 

We made a special visit to see Dr. Lane and the great staff at Eagleview Vet hospital.

Luna really enjoyed Squamish and the sea to sky highway! 

But more so we both loved that Dr. Lane gave us the go ahead for Luna's right knee surgery!

The best part is: Her arthritis doesn't seem to be as bad as projected before- so it's very possible her movement will become that of a regular pain free dog!!! That means stairs! And jumping into and out of cars!!!

The sad news is that poor Luna suffered a broken thigh bone at some point in her life that was left to heal itself. She truly is such a strong girl with an amazing will to live and to love despite it all.

We'll keep you updated as her surgery commences! 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Luna update!

I wanted to tell you all - I was abandoned. :-( I couldn't believe this terrible ff (foster family) of mine! All of my ff - except my foster dad - went camping, and left me home, alone, with only him. I cried all week long. I couldn't even bring myself to get off my bed.... life wasn't worth living.... I couldn't eat, drink, sleep - and of all things - I couldn't even get up to cuddle him... no cuddles all week, no licks - I kept all my own saliva!! Noone got the Luna Lovin'..... it was horrible!

Then after eternity - my f dad forced me up, put me in the car and took me for a very very long drive. My woofpa told me stories like that when I was just a pup so I was very very scared - but then in the middle of the forest.....

My FF!! All of them!! They had taken the trailer and gone to the forest.... without me - but I didn't hold a grudge, I was so happy to see them! We were on a beach, so I got to chase the waves, destroy some ( okay, lots) of logs and meet tons of people!

I suppose some of the people weren't so happy to see me when I went into their tent, muddy and wet, and tried to snuggle them..... I'm not sure why - but then I had to be tied up. That wasn't so bad, kind of fun actually! I got to make my ff run all over, I'd just get the line stuck on a rock and pretend I couldn't move it.... snicker snicker!

Oh until the fireworks... why would someone do that? The line kept me close to them and all I could do was hide under the trailer.... so so so so scary.

Oh it was fun, but it did make me very sore and tired. As much as I wish, my leg isn't as strong as i wish it was. I spent alot of time resting - but that was just fine as i was with them all! I hope you like some of my pictures - aren't I pretty!?!

I wish you could meet me - I am definitely ready for a home of my own now.... but please please have a fur brother for me and nooooo stairs!! Many licks, and more licks, and more licks--------- Love, Bella Luna