Thursday, October 11, 2012

Luna's trip to Squamish

Luna and I enjoyed a beautiful drive this morning from Pitt meadows to Squamish. 

We made a special visit to see Dr. Lane and the great staff at Eagleview Vet hospital.

Luna really enjoyed Squamish and the sea to sky highway! 

But more so we both loved that Dr. Lane gave us the go ahead for Luna's right knee surgery!

The best part is: Her arthritis doesn't seem to be as bad as projected before- so it's very possible her movement will become that of a regular pain free dog!!! That means stairs! And jumping into and out of cars!!!

The sad news is that poor Luna suffered a broken thigh bone at some point in her life that was left to heal itself. She truly is such a strong girl with an amazing will to live and to love despite it all.

We'll keep you updated as her surgery commences!