Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet DJ!

This handsome boy has been waiting for a forever home for quite some time now and we just can't understand why!

Here's what his wonderful foster family is saying about him:

Living with DJ has been one of our most fun and hilarious fostering experiences to date. He has one of the best bully smiles around and is just a wee guy who weighs in at around 45 pounds. His relaxed and easy-going nature allows him to quickly settle into new routines, and his goofiness is guaranteed to make you laugh every day. In the mornings, he wakes up and enthusiastically finds one of his toys for a quick tug or fetch session before breakfast. He is completely housetrained and displays no separation anxiety when left alone for the work day. Though he currently lives in a house, he could easily live in a condo or apartment too since he rarely barks or whines. During the day when his people are at work or school, he will sleep quietly on his bed or the couch while he waits for you to come home. You will quickly discover that there is no better way to end your work day than to be happily greeted at your door by DJ with a toy in his mouth and a waggy tail.

DJ has amazing leash manners- he keeps a good pace with whoever is walking him and, as long as his personal space is respected, displays no reactivity towards dogs he sees while out and about. Cats and squirrels are a bit more exciting, but he is very easily redirected. The obedience commands are no problem for DJ: he's got sit, down, stay, and come down pat, and he even knows some fun extra tricks like shake, high five, give kisses, and speak.

Now that it's getting colder outside, DJ really enjoys spending his evenings cuddled up on the couch with his foster parents. In the warmer months, swimming is one of DJ's FAVOURITE things to do. When he knows the beach is near, he will begin walking faster and faster until he is close enough to launch himself into the water. He will fetch sticks and balls for you as long as you'll let him. In addition to swimming, DJ enjoys sunbathing, rolling in the grass, going for long walks, and playing tug. He has also shown us how much he enjoys playing soccer in our yard and catching those pesky bugs that manage to fly through open windows in the summer. Like most pit bulls, he especially enjoys a good zoomie session.

Though DJ is very laid-back and affectionate with humans, he does not enjoy the company of cats or other dogs. He simply does not think other animals make for good playmates or friends. He will need a forever home who is able to help him feel safe from unwanted interactions with other dogs and who will help him maintain his "bubble" of personal space. He will also need to remain the only animal in his house and is not a good candidate for off-leash dog parks or daycares. This does not affect his quality of life in the slightest. He is very happy to hang out at home with his toys while his family is out, and gets all the mental and physical stimulation he needs (both indoors and outside) with his human companions. As well, because he typically ignores other dogs as long as his personal space bubble is respected, he is more than capable of going for on-leash walks with other dogs.

We truly appreciate the opportunity to have had DJ with us, and his forever home will be lucky to have him. Be prepared for a lifetime of love, laughs, cuddles and play time!
If you are interested in adopting DJ, please email us at bullybuddies@gmail.com!

Many thanks to his foster parents and Sam Chua Photography for the lovely pictures!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Bully Buddies Online Auction

The auction will run from 12:01 am PST December 3, 2012 to 9:00 pm PST December 9, 2012.

Please check our Facebook Page to bid on the various items. Thank You for your support!

Many thanks to our wonderful donors!
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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Update - BB alumni Molly

Molly came to Bully Buddies from a large cruelty/RCMP investigation, wherein 23 puppies and a number of adult dogs came into the SPCA`s care. Molly was very mangey and the sickest amongst all of the puppies- there were worries that she may not make it due to secondary infections. Well not only did Molly make it, but she has THRIVED. Here she is all grown up and with a full coat!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Luna update - Poor girl!

Luna visited Central City Animal Hospital yesterday where she had a bladder X-rays (yay no lumps!), a lump on her right front foot removed, and her rear right knee surgery- she did not care for the anesthetic at all! :-(

Here is Luna when she came home- She broke our hearts all night long.... 

Happy to report though that she is much better this morning, still not feeling so hot but no longer making a sound, had some breaky and a snuggle.

Day by day Luna... Day by day :-)

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update - BB alumni Harlan

Harlan was adopted from us earlier this year. We just received this wonderful update from him new family. Harlan clearly hit the jackpot and looks like he had a fantastic, fun filled summer and fall!

We had a busy summer, with a couple of trips to Long Beach, camping at Lake Cowichan, multiple trips to Hornby Island and down to Brentwood Bay on the boat. We also took him on his first hike in trip to Raft Cove on the north end of the island. I've included some pics.

We also got him swimming this summer. He wasn't big on swimming, but he's starting to see the fun of going after sticks and is doing very well. He doesn't like the rain, so we bought him a rain coat, and he'll now tolerate it.
Sorry for not giving an update sooner, but as you can see we had a busy summer. 
Harlan seems to be enjoying the fall. We took him to Long Beach a couple of weeks ago, he loves running on the beach. We also went mushroom picking last weekend and he had a great time running through the woods. He likes to spend his evenings curled up in front of the wood stove.

Anyhow, thanks again everyone for all you did for Harlan and everything you do for all the other dogs. He's been a perfect fit for our family, everyone loves him very much!