Sunday, March 8, 2009


Former adopters Sophie and Bryce offered to take Coconut on a bit of a road trip to give her a bit of a break from the shelter and just to see what this girl was all about. Here is what they found out:

Coconut was an absolute pleasure to have along on our trip! She was so excited to do everything!! She picked up very quickly on her boundries and didn't even ask to share food. She seems to have a genuine interest in learning what is being asked of her and is very patient. Coconut gets very excited to meet new people but settles down quickly and has the most excellent house manners. She was very respectful on leash and even stopped to look back when she was on the long lead. At night, she settles right down and doesn't move or make a sound (but LOVES to cuddle). Coconut loves to play fetch and will bring anything back! She is very playful and even invented her own game when I wouldn't let her on my lap in the car. She would switch from each of my sides giving me a lick until she opened up an opportunity to sneak on to my lap! We did come across a few dogs and she seems just as excited to meet them as she is meeting new people.

Coconut is settling into her new foster home, but is still looking for a home of her own. For more information on Coconut, please email us at