Sunday, November 18, 2012

Update - BB alumni Harlan

Harlan was adopted from us earlier this year. We just received this wonderful update from him new family. Harlan clearly hit the jackpot and looks like he had a fantastic, fun filled summer and fall!

We had a busy summer, with a couple of trips to Long Beach, camping at Lake Cowichan, multiple trips to Hornby Island and down to Brentwood Bay on the boat. We also took him on his first hike in trip to Raft Cove on the north end of the island. I've included some pics.

We also got him swimming this summer. He wasn't big on swimming, but he's starting to see the fun of going after sticks and is doing very well. He doesn't like the rain, so we bought him a rain coat, and he'll now tolerate it.
Sorry for not giving an update sooner, but as you can see we had a busy summer. 
Harlan seems to be enjoying the fall. We took him to Long Beach a couple of weeks ago, he loves running on the beach. We also went mushroom picking last weekend and he had a great time running through the woods. He likes to spend his evenings curled up in front of the wood stove.

Anyhow, thanks again everyone for all you did for Harlan and everything you do for all the other dogs. He's been a perfect fit for our family, everyone loves him very much!

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