Monday, April 4, 2011

Hello there, we are desperately searching for our beloved Bub ( chocolate brown male red nose)
and Phat Girl(golden brown both with white chests) and have been for several months. one of your featured dogs in happy trails extremely resembles our Phat Girl and was hoping that a better description of her could be posted , to give a bit of the tragedy so you can determine wether or not u would be able to help is in may of 2010 our babies got out of the yard while we were away and had friends taking care of the house and dogs,and we have been searching ever since. We lived on 80th avenue and 76th street in langley at the time they went missing. If that helps to narrow it down.My wife and i willlnever give up hope to find them again,they are both rf tagged from the spca but despite that they have never been located.A few distinct features on both Bub and Phat Girl are they both have and extra du claw on their back legs Phat Girl only on one side as she chewed one off over time!! they are brother and sister and beautiful dogs we miss them very much and would give anything for them home! Goldie as i mentioned looks so very much like our Phat Girl and was hoping u could help in determining if in fact she was our beloved Phat Girl!!! please respond to with any possible help,it would be greatly appreciated and would mend my wifes broken heart !

Maya Formerly Greta-Update

Maya formerly Greta

Now a loveable senior Lady!