Monday, July 16, 2012

Luna News!

Hi all!

I have been so excited summer is here ice been forgetting my blog - Sorry!!!

I really do prefer the sunshine to that icky rain. I'm too sweet to get wet like that all the time! In the sun I'm able to play and wrestle, run and chase which now that Bully Buddies fixed my leg I do for hours with my foster brothers because I feel great! Love it!!!

Foster parents says that there is lots of people I don't know that must love me a lot cause they did something called "an auction" and now my vet bills are paid off! I don't know what money is but it sounds important - so thank you to everyone who loves me!! I send you kisses!

My foster mom says I've really come out of my shell! She says I'm not the same dog anymore- and I would say she's right! Nothing scares me at all anymore(well... to be honest - that vacuum is really mean and scary!). I don't cower at all, no running and hiding and if I'm unsure about something- I know my foster family has my back!

I can snuggle on up on the bed now too! I snuggle right in and spoon my foster parents- but my favorite is to cuddle my little human! She's pretty comfy, just my size!