Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meet Motaro!

Motaro is an awesome 2 year old guy. Not only is he incredibly handsome, he has the most amazing personality and is also super smart. He is a medium energy dog and enjoys going for walks, runs, playing in the backyard, or wrestling with other doggie friends. He's house trained and totally trustworthy when left alone in the house, but he has no problems sleeping in his crate either. He's a very cuddly guy and enjoys spending evenings on the couch with his people after he's had his daily exercise. He is good with most other dogs- he has lived successfully with a female dog and plays well with the neighbour's male dachshund whippet mix. He is a bit too interested in the neighbourhood cats we see on our walks so will probably need a cat free home. His basic commands are good- he knows sit, down, wait, and paw already and comes right back to you when you call his name. He walks well on leash with an Easy Walk harness after the initial excitement of being outside wears off. Motaro would make a great addition to any loving home!

Here's a video of Motaro singing along to a siren:

Please get in touch with us if you're interested in adopting Motaro!

Many thanks to Sam Chua Photography for the awesome photos of Motaro!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bully Buddies Online Auction

The Bully Buddies Online Auction will take place June 18 - 24, 2012.

Please check our Facebook Page to bid on the various items. Thank You for your support!

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Many thanks to our wonderful donors!
We couldn't have done it without your generosity!

April Dayton

Pet Planet

The Blending Bar Aromatherapy

Revolution Pump Service

Kali Yoga Inc.

Denise Mathiesen - Lovin My Lashes

Run Free Canine Center


Wild At Heart

Luv U Pets

Dr. Dobias Healing Solutions

Steveston Gym

Mint Your Health Place

Kingfisher Oceanside Resort & Spa

Paragon Surfacing Ltd.

Sylvia Su - Health Beauty and Wellness
Cell: 604-528-1188

Vancouver TheatreSports Leage

It Works!
Angel Britton - Independent Distributor

Cali Girl Collars

N/A Nothing Added

RawPaw Natural Foods

Dig It! Delights


Bully Buddies volunteer Wendy 
An anonymous Bully Buddies adopter
Friends of Mouse
Bully Buddies adopters Gianna & Steve
Urban Barn
Jean Ballard -
Bully Buddies' own Sam K.
Mike and Lanie - Luna's first foster home and friend
Team 1040 Radio
Kristy W.
maripottery -
A Bully Buddies foster

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Luna's first swim!

Luna "enjoyed" her first swimming lesson and subsequent hydrotherapy today! She was a trooper considering she thinks she's made of sugar and will melt if rain touches her! She is NOT a water dog - but the amazing staff at Run Free Canine Centre were so skilled in handling her and making her feel safe - that she doesn't hate them - and THAT IS saying something!

Luna's day started off with a wander around their sprawling property to listen to the dogs on the other side of the fence, smell a little horse manure, enjoy the antics of a few chickens and the song of their rooster - all in all, a lovely wander.

She then sauntered into the pool house, donned her life jacket with comfort and many kisses for her lovely handler Shelley then she happily followed her forward into the - on no, no thank you - I'll be going now ..... HELLLLPPPPPP it's WAATTTTEEERRRR! With a little assistance, she was down the ramp and in the pool.

At first she thought she was melting. Truly, as though this was the most tortures event of her trying young life - this was what was going to do her in. But try as she might, she just couldn't get up the wall and out - maybe oh maybe if she just used her back legs she could have! It didn't take her to long to learn that to swim, one must use all legs to get adequate momentum. Once she started to use her back legs, she had some serious swimming force! All 80 lbs one day, may make a wake in that pool!

With the kind and skilled guidance and support of Shelley, and Karl's soothing voice, by the end of it her body- and face - were so much more relaxed, she didn't look as stressed and miserable- whether it be from exhaustion or compliance we'll never know.

She was very happy to be out of that terrible stuff (water) and into her towel -" Ready to go Jenn, What do you mean the trucks not running yet!!" but surprisingly as I was chatting by the front door, she wander back up the ramp! Hmmmm, maybe it isn't all that bad- but she hasn't fully given in yet! That's in future weeks to come!

Paws up to - Run Free Canine Centre in Langley - you are 'drooly wonderful!!'

Exhausted from the adventure!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Meet Mouse, the latest member of the Bully Buddies family:

Mouse was abandoned at a vet clinic when he was only about a week old. He's now 2 weeks old is is just the most precious little guy ever!

His wonderful foster mom is regularly posting pictures of him on our Facebook Page. It is amazing to watch him grow so make sure to check it out!

Fundraiser - Online auction

Bully Buddies is having an online auction June 18 - 24. Please come and join us on our Facebook Page & hopefully bid on some of the great items that were donated to us by wonderful donors!

100% of the money will go towards our vet bills.

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