Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Introducing Sabrina

Sabrina came into our care a few weeks ago and we've just been getting to know her. And what exactly have we discovered? Hmmm, let me show you...
Not only is my foster brother Loki fun to play with but he makes the best pillow.

Umm, excuse me, I'm trying to sleep here. Geez...

I really hope whoever adopts me has one of these chairs. Hey adoption reps--can we arrange something like this?Sabrina's foster home took her camping last weekend. She spent most of the trip here:

Ummm, you expect me to sleep where?

Hey, did anyone remember my pillow?

Well, I guess this is allright.

See ya' suckers!

I guess you could say that Sabrina is clearly settling into her new life quite quickly. This girl was born to be a princess. For more information about Sabrina please email us or fill out an adoption application at http://www.bullybuddies.net/adoptionquestionnaire.htm

Pirate Peanut

Oh Peanut. The dog that survived Hurricane Katrina and found his rescuer by the name of Cheryl. The dog that came up to Vancouver in hopes of a better life. The dog that spent over a year in the shelter system waiting for his forever home to come and find him. The dog who lost his eye due to infection and while we thought this made you cuter it turned many potential adopters away. But you waited, and waited. You were holding out for the good life you were promised. You weren't going to settle for anything less than the best. And then she found you. As soon as we talked to her we knew that this was the one. Unfortunately, your time with her was too short but we could not have asked for a better home for you to spend your final days.

Here is a message from her:

My life with Peanut.....
We spent hours walking around the city, exploring every nook and cranny. Peanut really enjoyed Trout lake. There he could hang out with other dogs, watch the ducks go by and get lots of execise.People were always drawn to the sweet spirit of my one-eyed wonder. He would patiently sit and lap up all the attention from everyone that wanted to say hi. One little boy after petting Peanut for the longest time, kissed him gently where his eye used to be and hoped he felt better. Another fellow who stopped to visit had been living in New Orleans when Katrina hit. There were tears in his eyes when he found out about Peanut's history. He was thrilled to hear that Peanut had survived the storm as well. Peanut loved visiting with his 2 favourite girls, Shandi (a standard poodle) and Bunny (an afghan hound) not to mention their owner,my friend Elfie. He stayed there a couple of times when I was away and got spoiled rotten. He deserved every bit of it. Chuck and Peanut spent a lot of time together. My 2 guys played hard, wrestling and running about. Peanut worked himself into Chuck's heart really quickly and his 'no dogs on the bed' rule was first broken by, you guessed it, Chuck .-) I brought Peanut to work with me most of the time. I'm a paramedic at one of the busiest ambulance stations in B.C., the downtown eastside. At work he quickly took up residence at the end of one of the sofas. When the crews would get a chance to sit down, everyone had to take turns sitting with him. Peanut was the best stress reducer ever!! He was loved by all without a doubt. One of our paramedics who had always been frightened of pitbulls or any dog that remotely looked like one was his biggest fan. Peanut completely erased her predjudices about the breed. The love he spread was so profound that the photo of him and myself is now displayed proudly on the memory wall at our ambulance headquarters. Rest easy sweet boy....your are missed by many. I wouldn't trade a minute I had you in my life. Save me a spot over the bridge....