Friday, August 24, 2012

Luna update!

I wanted to tell you all - I was abandoned. :-( I couldn't believe this terrible ff (foster family) of mine! All of my ff - except my foster dad - went camping, and left me home, alone, with only him. I cried all week long. I couldn't even bring myself to get off my bed.... life wasn't worth living.... I couldn't eat, drink, sleep - and of all things - I couldn't even get up to cuddle him... no cuddles all week, no licks - I kept all my own saliva!! Noone got the Luna Lovin'..... it was horrible!

Then after eternity - my f dad forced me up, put me in the car and took me for a very very long drive. My woofpa told me stories like that when I was just a pup so I was very very scared - but then in the middle of the forest.....

My FF!! All of them!! They had taken the trailer and gone to the forest.... without me - but I didn't hold a grudge, I was so happy to see them! We were on a beach, so I got to chase the waves, destroy some ( okay, lots) of logs and meet tons of people!

I suppose some of the people weren't so happy to see me when I went into their tent, muddy and wet, and tried to snuggle them..... I'm not sure why - but then I had to be tied up. That wasn't so bad, kind of fun actually! I got to make my ff run all over, I'd just get the line stuck on a rock and pretend I couldn't move it.... snicker snicker!

Oh until the fireworks... why would someone do that? The line kept me close to them and all I could do was hide under the trailer.... so so so so scary.

Oh it was fun, but it did make me very sore and tired. As much as I wish, my leg isn't as strong as i wish it was. I spent alot of time resting - but that was just fine as i was with them all! I hope you like some of my pictures - aren't I pretty!?!

I wish you could meet me - I am definitely ready for a home of my own now.... but please please have a fur brother for me and nooooo stairs!! Many licks, and more licks, and more licks--------- Love, Bella Luna

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dog Days of Summer Mini Photo Sessions

The oh so fabulous photographer Melissa from Unleashed Pet Portraits based out of Victoria is holding the Dog Days of Summer Mini Photo Sessions. She is kindly donating part of the proceeds to Bully Buddies.

Please click the link for more information:

Don't forget to check out the galleries on the website to see just how wonderful her photography is!

We are very lucky to have her photograph our dogs in rescue on a regular basis like handsome Cedar here who is still looking for a forever home!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


BullyBuddies will have a booth at the Pet-a-palooza on August 12 at Ogden Point in Victoria! Come by to Bob-for-Bullies (hint: nose work anyone??) and support finding amazing homes for our amazing local pitties! This is in Victoria - Vancouver folk it's just a ferry ride away! :) And need we garden???!!!

We are looking forward to seeing you there!