Friday, September 19, 2008

And introducing....

Well, the Bully Buddies crew has got some new faces! Some of our newest adoptables are making us wish we had an extra spot in our own homes!

Sasha is a mixy-mix girl who is kid, cat, and dog friendly. Warning: her enthusiasm is contagious!
Maika is a snorta-licious piggy princess! She loves her toys almost as much as she loves cuddling on the couch.

Newton is a dream ambassador bully who is a wiggly, smiley, happy-go-lucky bundle of goodness. He'll fit himself in just about anywhere and we'd love to see him in a home that will parade him around and show him off.Reese is a tiny package (about 40 pounds) of chocolatey sweetness who is in love with the world. At only 9 months, he'll need an owner who can continue to show him the ropes and make sure they teach him all about the importance of good manners.

An oldie but a goodie! We've got a soft spot for the seniors and Sabrina is particularly enchanting. Although her past life was no fun, she continues to bloom into the princess she was born to be.

For more information about any of our adoptable dogs check us out at or email us at

Monday, September 15, 2008

Fingers Crossed

I came across this article today and wanted to share it. Many bully advocates have been fighting the good fight to reverse the ban in Ontario and let's hope one day that we'll have a breakthrough.

Pit bull ban challenged

Canwest News Service

Published: Monday, September 15, 2008

TORONTO - An appeal to a 2007 court ruling that bans pit bulls in the province of Ontario will be heard Monday. Toronto civil rights lawyer Clayton Ruby filed the appeal, claiming the ban is unconstitutional and too vague because the definition of pit bull is too broad.The ban includes four specific breeds of pit bull terrier but also a clause that states any dogs that look "substantially similar" to pit bulls.Ruby said he'd be surprised if there were more than 150 of the specified dogs in Ontario - namely Staffordshire, American Staffordshire, pit bull, and American pit bull terriers - and that the clause could include dozens of different breeds.Ruby is arguing the case on behalf of Toronto pit bull owner Catherine Cochrane.
© The Ottawa Citizen 2008

If you would like more information on the Ontario Pit Bull Ban or would like to donate to the legal fund please visit

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Paws for a Cause

Today, our crew will be walking in support of the SPCA. The annual Paws for a Cause raises money for animals in need. Looks like they'll have good weather and hopefully they take lots of pictures. Ella and Arthur are sure to make appearances, they just can't stay out of the spot light for long.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Friday I'm in Love!

Congratulations to Friday (formerly Annie) who worked really hard with her mom and passed her puppy kindergarten class. YAY!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Etta James

Today we had to say good bye to Miss Etta. She was a lovely old gal with alot of soul who would sing her heart out to you. She will be greatly missed.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Once You Go Pit

A few months ago, we recieved an email from a wonderful gentlemen who needed a bit of advice on Pit Bulls. See, his tenant in the basement suite had just moved out and given the Pit Bull to a friend. She ran away from her new 'home' and made it all the way back to where she used to live but alas her owner wasn't there! (She made the trek from Abbotsford to Langley and arrived exhausted with bleeding feet, poor girl.) The family had no intention of keeping her and although the woman in the basement suite was quite taken by the dog, she heard all sorts of terrible myths surrounding the breed. We recieved the email asking for advice and assistance in rehoming the girl. We talked to them, offered some tips and advice and left it at that. we were sure we'd hear from them again.

Sure enough, she never left. We recieved an email about one month later saying how the family adored her and they could not dream of giving her away.

Jump to present day....this has been a horrible summer for Pit Bulls. Hal Harris's pack of pitties in Surrey, talk of a breed ban, ugh it's enough to make any pit-owner scream! Then, we recieve this in our inbox:

Hi there,

Just thought you would like my email to the Vancouver Sun, reporter Ian Mulgrew today congratulating him on his article.

Pit Bulls Bravo and well said, Mr. Mulgrew. A light in the midst of mass hysteria is always a welcome read. About 6 months ago, a young, female Pit Bull came into our lives quite by accident. Prior to her arrival, none of her breed would have been welcome onto our property, let alone in our house. We have a couple of cats and a small dog, refugees all. From the start, she was shy and sensitive, eventually fitting into the order of things. She absolutely loves our small dog and treats like a pet of her own, on occasion giving this one attention and sometimes an unscheduled bath. The cats became used to the new addition and one of them, the Siamese, enjoys hiding and teasing her. Both have a great play. Then there is Clancy. A dark. gray and black tabby rescued on the shores of the Fraser River. I was there on quite another matter when he decided to hide in my truck and come home with me. Been here ever since and established himself as kingpin very quickly. Our new addition avoids this cat whenever she senses him near. She has tried to be friends but “Mr. Kitty” will have none of it. This Pit Bull enjoys walking, playing and to my knowledge has never bit anything or drawn blood. She is affectionate and very intelligent. The Pit Bull descriptions blaring across the airwaves and in print do not apply to this one. The proposed annihilation of the breed defies logic. You are right about the owners: they must be held accountable. A good example is the dogs in California abused by the former NFL quarterback and friends. All but one have been rehabilitated. I believe that case has recognized a non human as a victim for the first time in US law. Perhaps law student Adam Perry, who wrote a ban-the-breed article published by your paper on page A11 today, may learn something by looking it up. Unfortunately, common sense can’t be taught in a class room or learned from a book. Try life to learn this one. His compromise about not culling the existing souls, if reasonable, is somewhat encouraging but leave much to interpretation and possible abuse. I am aware of the Ontario ban and find it appalling. The owners of any vicious animal that attacks another animal or human being must face serious criminal charges in all applicable cases. And all the facts must be considered. The thinking behind such bans and proposals prompts sober reflection, particular if one applies this principle to man. Thank you for your article. I have read others you have penned / word processed and quite enjoy them. Keep up the good work!

What a refreshing letter and wonderful perspective. Thank you for not giving up on Loca and giving her the family she deserves. Thank you for becoming advocates for the breed. And thank you Loca for being the quintessential Pit Bull and changing people's minds.

Where did it go?

Alas, September is here. I was walking the dogs through Deer Lake this morning and the leaves are already changing. Things have been hectic around the Bully Buddies camp, as many of us have been on holidays (including Miss Ella who toured all around the Yukon!).

Between that and enjoying the sunshine with our own dogs, left little time to update.
But, we're back and ready to focus on the task at hand. Paws for a Cause is on September 14th and we'll be there with a booth and a few of our dogs to show off the bully spirit. Our Behaviour for Bullies classes is going to start again at the end of September. So stay tuned and we'll be sure to keep you all updated on the going-ons around here.

Happy Labour Day Weekend!