Sunday, April 27, 2008

School is in Session!

It was a beautiful sunny day for our Behaviour for Bullies session to begin! Check out these pictures from our first class.

Sarah getting the group ready for their first lesson.

Boodha showing off his "Watch me" command.

Mr Samspon is getting so big!

Otis taking a break and enjoying the beautiful day.

Narone working on his suntan.

And Miss Dora from the Vancouver Animal Shelter came to visit for the class to work on some basic obedience . This girl is very sweet and smart too!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Farley the Romantic

Rumour has it that Farley is totally wooing his foster family (well everyone but Elton the cat). Farley is the kind of gentle, lughead that you can not help but fall in love with. Not the smartest, nor the most athletic, but completely impossible to resist.

Farley's legs are, well slightly "stubby."

Farley has spent his whole life living with another dog, and really enjoys the company. He is a fan of lion-style wrestling with other bigger dogs. We would love to see him placed with another larger breed dog!

At the very least he needs humans who think that he is amazing, and a nice couch to be a roast-piggy on.

Farley is all about creature comforts.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

See ya Chevy!

BB Alumni Chevy is moving to the Queen Charlotte Islands. His new front yard is the ocean--maybe he'll have to finally learn how to swim! Chevy was adored by his foster mom and sister so they went to visit him before he moved. Here are some pictures from their reunion.

Hanging out

Kisses for you!

And cuddles too!

Bye Chevy! Good luck in your new adventure and we know that they'll keep in touch and send lots of pictures.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Joys of Seniors

There are many perks when you adopt a senior dog.
All four dogs in this photo are over seven years old. Usually foster dogs don't saunter into my house with the skills to sit, let alone sit still for a photo amidst other dogs. Ella and Tibbs are the perfect fosters- easy-going, well-trained, and pros at sleeping and cuddling. They are both up for going for a walk and playing ball, but they don't require hours of exercise. As someone who is currently working full-time and going to school, I have time to hang out, but not always get out and about. They give me kisses while I am struggling through an essay, playing at the park provides a nice relief from the books, and nothing provides stress relief cuddling with them! I definitely could not be living with four young dogs!
Tibbs readying for the next test in Sleeping 101.
The only problem with all these lazy dogs is that sometimes it is hard to for the humans to find a comfy space.
Perfect for lounging around in the sun with.
You can see why it is oh so easy to fall in love with an older dog.
Please think good thoughts for Ella. She has just been diagnosed with an enlarged heart, and heart murmur. We're waiting to get her into the specialists in order to get a clearer diagnosis. In the meantime she is perfecting the art of making everyone she meets fall in love. We're hoping to stick Canine-Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certificates on her, as we think she will fly through the tests.

A Day in the Life of Me (Nicholas)

My human (Becky) got me up early this morning at 6:30 so we could get ready and go for a walk before she has to go off to work. I would actually have liked to lounge around in bed with my other human (Will). I don't really like getting up early in the morning! However, for some reason Becky thinks I will get into mischief if she leaves me alone for 3 or 4 hours without some exercise first. I really can't understand this as I'm so well behaved and I only sometimes take things off the counter that no one seems to want like crackers, utensils, cups, things like that. If they wanted those things wouldn't they put them away? So we went out for a 45 minute walk in the woods and once we got going I was so happy to be out there chasing these dumb squirrels that always just get away just in the nick of time. My friend Misty told me that one day we will catch one of these squirrels and I believe her wholeheartedly. I love it out in the bush and there are so many great smells and sounds.

After we got back I had my breakfast in the kitchen and Misty had hers in the family room because one day I got a bit snippy with her when she looked at my food in a lustful way. I knew she wanted it, but I got in pretty serious trouble for my behaviour even though really it was Becky's fault for not teaching me my proper place right off. Now I know and I won't do that ever again. Besides Misty and I are becoming really good friends and I like chumming around with her. She's been here longer so she's the boss and I know that now.

Everyone went off to work and school and Misty and I just lazed around in the sunny windows. It sure feels good that sun. I love soaking it up. Nobody left any food or goodies on the counter for me so I didn't have anything to clean up today so I just slept.

Becky got home at 11:30 and had her lunch and then she got Misty and me into the car with my ball and thrower and took us up to the park. Yippee, I love the park! When we got there Andrea the agility trainer was there and I really like her too. She gets me to do fun things although sometimes I'm not really too sure why. Sometimes I get food for doing them and sometimes I get my ball. That's my favourite thing. I'll do almost anything for that ball if only Becky could be clearer about telling me what she wants. Sometimes I get a bit confused, but I'm sure she'll figure it out pretty soon and then so will I. We're going to keep trying until she does. She's not that easy to train (I think maybe she's a bit too old!), but I could learn to do just about anything she wants me to for my ball. It sure is tiring doing all that thinking and controlling myself. I'd like to just jump around and grab the ball, but that isn't acceptable so I'm learning that too. I'm pretty darn smart (so they tell me) and everyone says I'm a very clever boy and pretty handsome too. I've pretty much got it all (modesty though isn't my strong point, but when you've got it you might as well flaunt it, right!)

After agility Becky threw the ball for me 10 or 12 times and I got to just race down the field after it and burn off all my pent up energy because even though agility is mentally tiring I still have energy to burn. Then we put the ball away and went for another walk through the bush and I even went swimming in a pond. Bliss! Got back home and laid out in the sun to dry off. I wish Becky would stay in one place though so I could really crash as I like to know where she is and prefer to be able to see her in case we might go do something fun again.

Well my day's not done yet, but I don't know what the rest will bring. Will might come home and take me for a ball throw or maybe I'll just chill for the evening until Tom decides it is cookie time. He makes Misty do a cookie dance (really all she does is spin circles for a cookie, but everyone thinks she's pretty special when she does this and then she gets cookies!) Can you believe it! I could do that or maybe I'll do something else. I like to get up in the recliner with Tom sometimes and he thinks that is pretty special too, but it is hard to sit for cookies on his lap. I'll think of something else that is just as good as a cookie dance one day soon. I'm getting closer every day.

Anyway, life here is good and I think they love me alot. I know Becky tells me so all the time and she gives me and Misty great massages and hugs and kisses. Kind of sappy, but I let her because she seems to need it.

Hope you are happy and helping lots of dogs.

All my love & wiggles,

Nicholas (Becky calls me Nick most of the time now, but I'll always be Nicholas to you)
Miss Muay Thai and her mom Lisa came down to the last Behaviour for Bullies class to show all those rookies a thing or two about being a REAL agility superstar. She has been competing for 2 years and we love gettin updated pictures of all the new ribbons she has won . Muay originally came from the Burnaby SPCA, then Bully Buddies, and is an amazing ambassador for the bully breeds. Here are the titles they have earned:
CGN – Canine Good NeighbourSMADC – Special Master Agility Dog of CanadaSMSDC – Special Master Snooker Dog of CanadaSMJDC - Special Master Jumpers Dog of Canada
To see some great videos of this duo working it together, check these out:
Masters Agility Dog of Canada Title Run
Muay Thai Advanced Standard Run

Martin the Lovely Red Dog

Meet Martin. He is currently at the New West Animal Control but he would love to get himself into a foster home or even better a home all of his own. Martin is an incredible little dog who has been through an awful lot in his first few months. But, the past is behind him and this little man is ready to move on and embrace the world with all he's got. He recently came out to the Behaviour for Bullies classes to show off how smart he was. And man is he a show off! He knows, sit, down, shake a paw, and learned "watch me" and heel in about 2 minutes. He also picked up all of the agililty jumps really quickly. He is a pretty excitable and needs a home that can provide him with an outlet for all of his energy. He would make a fabulous jogging or biking partner, Rally-O, agility, you name it, Martin would love it! But, at the end of the night, Martin would like nothing more than to curl up at your feet and just relax. Please think about opening your home to Martin; he truly is a lovely red dog :)

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun Times at our Training Classes

Last Saturday was the last class of the session for Behaviour for Bullies. Our dogs have been working so hard on their leash manners and obedience so Sarah decided to change it up a bit and let them try out her agility equipment. The dogs and the handlers had alot of fun learning the basics of agility and some of the dogs picked it up so quickly that you'd think they'd been doing it their whole lives!

Martin wasn't too sure about those jumps at first...
But him and Lex kept at it and by the end of the class he was loving it!

Check out Narone--he's an agility pro!
Waiting patiently for his next turn.
Lola relaxing after working so hard to learn these new skills

Thanks again to all of those who came out for the training classes. Sarah, all of our volunteers, tranporters, treat-givers and handlers--these classes are so much fun for both the people and the dogs! Our next session will be starting in a few weeks time so for more information please email

Winter with Cassie

Just a few pics of Cassie. I stumbled across a picture from the veryfirst day that we picked her up. She was such a little girl. She hasmade some major strides in the last couple of months. Christmas wentquite well, the tree was never touched, well except for a few bows.She has just mellowed out so much,we sometimes don't even think she'sthe same dog, but both our girls seem to have done that. They enjoytheir play time in the back yard so very much and last weekend wetried something new. My sister has a Malamute/Sheppard who doesn't getvery much play time at all. So we asked her to just bring him on overand see what the girls have to say. I knew that Karma would have anattitude, but really wasn't too sure how Cassie would react with astrange dog. Needless to say Cassie was the perfect little girl thatshe is and instead of giving Koda attitude like Karma did, she justplayed like crazy. So puppy play time here we come!


Bully Buddies Alumni Umber and Frankie

Umber was adopted 3 years ago as a feisty adolescent. She has now settles down to be a wonderful companion.

Frankie doing what he does best, being a show-off!

Pictures like this make it all worthwhile.

Butter (now Rhea) and Nicholas playing in their new home!

For the Love of Ella

Thank-you Auntie Wendy for my new jacket! It helps me to stay warm.
I like sun-tanning in it.

Thank You to Pacific Coastal

Pacific Coastal is an amazing airline company that flies rescue dogs at no cost! This service literally saves dogs lives. Pacific Coastal has enabled so many dogs to get out of the shelter, into foster homes, and later into permanent loving homes!
Thanks to Pacific Coastal Honey-Bunny flew to her new home in Victoria today!

Honey, now known as Halo, with her new smitten parent Cinzia!
Flying within BC or to Calgary, please check out Pacific Coastal
Here are a few other dogs that Pacific Coastal has helped along the way.