Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I am in love!!!! She is incredibly affectionate and loves to lean in for lots of scratches and kisses and is quickly adapting to being the princess of the house, loves her dog beds, the couch and all of her toys. We live about a block from the beach and she loves running around and playing with all the neighborhood dogs. She has been fantastic with everyone she meets. I know that she can swim well because the other day she thought it would be a good idea to go out and say hi to a geese that was swimming around. The geese was not overly happy to see her and flew away and then Chloe happily swam back to shore where I was starting to take my shoes off because I thought I might have to in after her, she was going out a little too far for my liking. :) Her energy level has increased a bit and she does love to play as much as she can but settles quite easily. She will be going to daycare one day a week and we will be starting training classes as soon as the next session starts. I am so happy she found her way into my home.


Chewy, he's a superstar! Has had alot of health issues but the vet is confident its just since he is such a fast growing boy that all his immunity crashed and burned and went to just growing. He had puppy warts, a puppy cold, then these almost like hives, then poor boy got hit with Kennel cough! It was torture for him not being able to play with all his friends but he's back to it again and a happy wiggle butt because of it :) The vet is hoping that he's over the hump now adn should be good for the rest of his life (paws are crossed on that one) Have a few pics, one of him and his buddy Boosie (a blue nose pb) resting after having a wrestling match, one of him posing...we have a friend that takes his dogs to the same park we go to and he takes lots of pics of Chewy because it seems he's a big ham and just poses all over the place for him, lol One of him at the office giving me his puppy eyes wanting to go out.

Thanks again and all the best
Chewy monster's mom :D