Saturday, January 31, 2009


This girl came into our care a scrawny, malnourished puppy who was found eating garbage at a VERY young age. The recent update from her new home is that she's a whopping 92 pounds of pure love! She even had a crush on the sheep that lived on her property and would have to stop to give it kisses whenever she walked by!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Remember this face?

This is Marty. He came in to the New West Animal Shelter last summer but we had no room in our foster program at the time. One of our volunteers brought him out to some of our training classes where he showed off that this boy was not just another pretty face, he had brains too!
We just got an update from Marty's new family:
Everything is going well over here in Victoria. Just wanted to say hi and send some newer photos of Marty. We were also wondering if anyone could recommend any agility training in Victoria? We really think Marty would love getting involved in that. Fortunately i can also report and Marty's separation anxiety has calmed down as he has settled into life with us. We are able to leave him out of the crate and he has dramatically cut down on destroying things while we are away :) thank goodness! He still has a soft spot for opening cupboards and drawers and placing utensils, pots and pans around the apartment though! Other than that Marty is wonderful and manages to amaze us constantly with how quick, smart and affectionate he is. He has become a member of the family and has easily slipped into the hearts of all of our friends and family (no matter how unsure of him they originally may have been). 2 minutes with Marty and it is hard not to immediately fall in love with him. He gladly accompanies us to parties and gatherings whenever possible and quickly becomes the center of everyone's attention.

Thanks for the update guys!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Oh Brutus, you lucky dog you

Yup, Old Man Brutus is still going strong, worming his way into the hearts of all he meets, which started back when his mom first adopted him! She wasn't too sure about the whole Pit Bull thing, but true love is blind and Brutus and her were meant to be! Those that know him adore him, and those that never met him are missing out.

We Heart Creole!

Creole Jumbalaya Hot Sauce still continues to be a favorite of our Training Coordinator and she gets so excited to see updated pictures of her! She continues to love life and be spoiled rotten by her mom. Her unique markings and complete ham of a personality draws people to her where she promptly covers them in kisses! She even shares her bed with her new roomate, a beagle named Harley. Although, we think Creole lucked out, her mom claims that she is the lucky one, for having the pleasure of owning her.

Man, this is what rescue is all about.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mr. Moodles

Over a year ago, we were contacted by a family that had recently adopted an older dog from the shelter as they were having some troubles integrating him into their family. They loved him but their other dog wasn't too sure about having to share the house. We talked to them and gave them some tips and advice on multi-dog management but they weren't sure if it was going to work. Well, with proper introductions, good management, some patience, and a lot of love, they managed to make it work and their dog finally accepted Max into the family.
We recently recieved an email from this family letting us know that Sweet Max had passed away on Christmas Eve. Although saddened by the news, we were happy that Max was with a family that loved him and was dedicated to giving him a good home, even if it may not have been the easiest of routes. Too often, dogs end up in the shelter because people aren't willing to try and resolve any issues that come up. Max's family weren't willing to give up on him and for this we thank them.
Here is what they wanted to say about Max:
On Christmas Eve, we lost our beloved companion and best friend, Max (better known to many as Mr. Moodles). We adopted Max a year and a half ago from the Surrey SPCA. Scared and emaciated from malnutrition, neglect and abuse, he peered at us from his kennel with his little black eyes. Although we knew he was already a senior and may only live a few months, we fell in love with our little man immediately and knew we had to bring him home to be part of our family. In a matter of months, we plumped him up to a healthy weight and watched him grow into a loving and affectionate little critter. Always there to greet us with tail wags and enthusiasm, Mr. Moodles spent the last of his senior years content, warm and loved. While we're heartbroken that we'll no longer feel his precious kisses, get to rub his back and hips, which he loved so much, or hear his little grunts, we take comfort in knowing that he passed away in our arms, knowing that he was safe and loved. I can't even explain how much happiness and love our Moodley little man brought into our lives during his short time with us. Mr. Moodles is deeply missed by his Mom and Dad and his four legged 'sisters,' Millie the lab and Lucy the tabby cat. This is the way we will forever remember him. Warm and cozy in front of the fire, surrounded by love.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Living the Good Life

We recieved an update from Seren's family. Sounds like she's a pampered pooch with that rock star bully attitude that keeps people coming back for more.

Seren and her family now live in Calgary for the last year and a half. She has been attending doggy day care at our local vets. She is the favorite of all the staff. Her temperament is such that she is used as the 'test dog' to see if new dogs are suitable for the pack at the daycare. She now has two brothers, both orange tabbys. The littlest is 6 months old, they are good mates! and often play together. She enjoys her walks, and snuggles even more and loves to give us lots of 'pitbull' hugs. She has been an amazing addition to our family and has a very happy life in Calgary.