Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fun Times at our Training Classes

Last Saturday was the last class of the session for Behaviour for Bullies. Our dogs have been working so hard on their leash manners and obedience so Sarah decided to change it up a bit and let them try out her agility equipment. The dogs and the handlers had alot of fun learning the basics of agility and some of the dogs picked it up so quickly that you'd think they'd been doing it their whole lives!

Martin wasn't too sure about those jumps at first...
But him and Lex kept at it and by the end of the class he was loving it!

Check out Narone--he's an agility pro!
Waiting patiently for his next turn.
Lola relaxing after working so hard to learn these new skills

Thanks again to all of those who came out for the training classes. Sarah, all of our volunteers, tranporters, treat-givers and handlers--these classes are so much fun for both the people and the dogs! Our next session will be starting in a few weeks time so for more information please email

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