Sunday, April 20, 2008

Martin the Lovely Red Dog

Meet Martin. He is currently at the New West Animal Control but he would love to get himself into a foster home or even better a home all of his own. Martin is an incredible little dog who has been through an awful lot in his first few months. But, the past is behind him and this little man is ready to move on and embrace the world with all he's got. He recently came out to the Behaviour for Bullies classes to show off how smart he was. And man is he a show off! He knows, sit, down, shake a paw, and learned "watch me" and heel in about 2 minutes. He also picked up all of the agililty jumps really quickly. He is a pretty excitable and needs a home that can provide him with an outlet for all of his energy. He would make a fabulous jogging or biking partner, Rally-O, agility, you name it, Martin would love it! But, at the end of the night, Martin would like nothing more than to curl up at your feet and just relax. Please think about opening your home to Martin; he truly is a lovely red dog :)

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