Saturday, April 19, 2008

Winter with Cassie

Just a few pics of Cassie. I stumbled across a picture from the veryfirst day that we picked her up. She was such a little girl. She hasmade some major strides in the last couple of months. Christmas wentquite well, the tree was never touched, well except for a few bows.She has just mellowed out so much,we sometimes don't even think she'sthe same dog, but both our girls seem to have done that. They enjoytheir play time in the back yard so very much and last weekend wetried something new. My sister has a Malamute/Sheppard who doesn't getvery much play time at all. So we asked her to just bring him on overand see what the girls have to say. I knew that Karma would have anattitude, but really wasn't too sure how Cassie would react with astrange dog. Needless to say Cassie was the perfect little girl thatshe is and instead of giving Koda attitude like Karma did, she justplayed like crazy. So puppy play time here we come!


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