Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Rock Star!

Rock is one of the biggest lugheads to ever come through the Bully Buddies program. One of our volunteers swoons at the mere thought of him, and is kicking herself for already having a full house. Rock is dreamy, handsome, smooshable, and turns heads wherever he goes. Seriously, his head is HUGE!! Check out this update from his family:

Thought I'd send you guys some photos of Rock from the past year since Matt adopted him. He's doing amazingly-- continuing to love everything and be loved by everyone who meets him. He's a headturner here in Victoria. We've had people pull their cars over to ask about him, and he's been nothing but a wonderful bully ambassador.He's come a long way in the obedience department, mastering some manners and we're continuelly working on the rest :) He's no longer crated when no one's home, and just sticks to his couch and snoozes like a big baby. Totally fine off leash when we take him for walks up the little mountain here, throughout the woods and at the beach. He loves the water! Swimming's not his strongest ability with his giant head, but he can never resist a stick or log. He's really been a joy to get to know, and watching him grow has been so much fun. He really is the most loving and lovable dog, an eternal suck! Cheers guys, keep up the good work!

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  1. Oh my lord,he's so gorgeous it hurts!
    I'm happy such a wonderful fellow
    has such a great home:)