Friday, November 9, 2012

Upcoming fundraiser - Online auction

Since the last one was so successful and covered the vet bills for several dogs, we are going to do it again - We are holding another online auction :-)

Auction will take place on our Facebook Page from December 3 - 9.

We are currently looking for donated items for the auction, please contact us at or

Bully Buddies provides online advertisement for your business on our website & blog, a tax receipt for donations over $20, and of course the good karma that comes with it! Please pass on - We'll take most anything!

Thank you so much for your kind consideration in this matter!

100% of the money raised will go towards our vet bills.

-Rookie had ACL surgery on Friday
- Sugar is in her adoptive home, but she came to us with an infection that turned out to be related to plates holding together an old badly broken leg.... so we have had to pay for plate removal surgery and likely femur head removal
surgery to come (couldn't do both surgeries at once due to the infection).
-Mouse has also cost us about a $1000 due to crashing as a wee pup and his hydrocephalus/seizure issues that are improving.
-Mojo the Chi may need eye surgery
-As always the "normal" small things but that all add up - spays/neuters, deworming etc.
Our handsome boy Rookie recovering from his ACL surgery that he had on November 2nd:


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