Friday, August 24, 2012

Luna update!

I wanted to tell you all - I was abandoned. :-( I couldn't believe this terrible ff (foster family) of mine! All of my ff - except my foster dad - went camping, and left me home, alone, with only him. I cried all week long. I couldn't even bring myself to get off my bed.... life wasn't worth living.... I couldn't eat, drink, sleep - and of all things - I couldn't even get up to cuddle him... no cuddles all week, no licks - I kept all my own saliva!! Noone got the Luna Lovin'..... it was horrible!

Then after eternity - my f dad forced me up, put me in the car and took me for a very very long drive. My woofpa told me stories like that when I was just a pup so I was very very scared - but then in the middle of the forest.....

My FF!! All of them!! They had taken the trailer and gone to the forest.... without me - but I didn't hold a grudge, I was so happy to see them! We were on a beach, so I got to chase the waves, destroy some ( okay, lots) of logs and meet tons of people!

I suppose some of the people weren't so happy to see me when I went into their tent, muddy and wet, and tried to snuggle them..... I'm not sure why - but then I had to be tied up. That wasn't so bad, kind of fun actually! I got to make my ff run all over, I'd just get the line stuck on a rock and pretend I couldn't move it.... snicker snicker!

Oh until the fireworks... why would someone do that? The line kept me close to them and all I could do was hide under the trailer.... so so so so scary.

Oh it was fun, but it did make me very sore and tired. As much as I wish, my leg isn't as strong as i wish it was. I spent alot of time resting - but that was just fine as i was with them all! I hope you like some of my pictures - aren't I pretty!?!

I wish you could meet me - I am definitely ready for a home of my own now.... but please please have a fur brother for me and nooooo stairs!! Many licks, and more licks, and more licks--------- Love, Bella Luna

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