Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update - Koa

Koa's wonderful adoptive family sent us a lovely update this week. Could Koa be any cuter!?!

"I adopted Koa almost 2 years ago. I was browsing the website today when I noticed that Koa's Dad, Abe, passed away.

I wanted to give you an update on how well Koa is doing. I couldn't have possibly found a better dog than my Koa. She is always by my side, she's the greatest at cuddling on cold winter nights and has the funniest personality I have ever seen in a dog.

We share a warehouse/shop with Greg Fortier, who adopted Jenna and had fostered Koa. When we're working away and not paying attention to her, she'll often go play with Jenna, sleep under the heater, or chase her tail to get our attention.

She's made best friends with my parents 2 yellow labs and loves going for visits. She loves going for walks in the snow and had her first camping trip last summer. She loves sleeping in the tent and exploring the woods. We live a 10 minute walk from the beach and although she can't swim to save her life, she plays in the sand and the shallow water.

Koa has learned a lot since we got her, and calmed down a lot too. She still has her vices, garbage being her favourite (she's not allowed off leash on garbage days any more).

I want to thank Bully Buddies for rescuing Koa. She's a happy, healthy, goofy dog and definitely a success story."

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