Thursday, March 8, 2012

Introducing: Bella Luna!

Please welcome Bella Luna (used to be Sandy) to the Bully Buddies family! Bella Luna is an Olde English Bulldogge.

She is currently in a compassion care foster home with 2 torn cruciate ligaments, blood infections and a heart issue.

Luna came from a backyard breeder to LAPS with a few of her house mates. LAPS staff loved her so much and were so worried about her health, they called BB - We took one look at her adorable face, unadoptability and terrible story and found a foster home for her.

She has since lived with an amazing short term foster while she weathered the end of her heat with 2 very rambunctious parrots, a foster mom and dad and 2 teenage boys - who spoiled her rotten and loved her right up! Thank you Lainie, Mike, Kieran and Brendan! You taught her love, and helped her through her fear of ..... well ....everything!

She is currently living with Jenn and Al, a long term foster family of Bully Buddies. In her new home she has a bully and a mastiff for her buddies, 2 evil cats, Jammy the super rat and her new bff - a 5 year old human girl!

Since Bully Buddies has taken her in, she has blossomed! Her health has gone from a short term outlook to open possibilities. Her pain is well managed with Meloxicam, her heart will be checked soon by a specialist, and we are watching her blood lymphocite levels. Our hope is that surgery for her legs and a spay will be a possibility.

To meet this lovely lady you would never know that just 3 short months ago she couldn't walk and was afraid of her own shadow - Now she climbs up mountains, licks you to death, actually plays with her dog brothers now and is a true breed ambassador!

Keep an eye out for this beauties ongoing story and her fundraisers to come.... she is fighting so hard for herself, it's only right we do for her too!

Please consider making a donation towards her vet bills!

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