Thursday, March 15, 2012

Luna - Update from her foster home.

Luna recently went in for her heart, liver and kidney ultrasound- And has great and not so great news!

Her heart murmur is caused by a little thickening so she should endure anesthesia just fine and safely! Yay Luna!!!

However, her left knee has a torn cruciate and her right has a femur and cruciate issue.... We aren't sure about her hips.

Even though she is scared, sore and worried at the vet, she handles it with a grace and style that we've yet to see in a timid dog! She stayed still for her ultrasound and didn't need any local at all, she allowed the vet to highly mess with her legs and knees for about 10 minutes in visible pain... Hard to watch for sure, but she just laid there knowing he had good intentions.

It's all that love in her heart making it so strong!! She'll be going for full rear xrays and a spay soon!

On a another note - She played!!! Really played for about 20 minutes with the foster family's Mastiff Malakai. It's only taken 2 1/2 months for a real good wrestle play, but she wrestled, groaned, moaned and bowled him over like the best of them!!

She has love, snuggles and joy in her!!!

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