Sunday, January 25, 2009

Remember this face?

This is Marty. He came in to the New West Animal Shelter last summer but we had no room in our foster program at the time. One of our volunteers brought him out to some of our training classes where he showed off that this boy was not just another pretty face, he had brains too!
We just got an update from Marty's new family:
Everything is going well over here in Victoria. Just wanted to say hi and send some newer photos of Marty. We were also wondering if anyone could recommend any agility training in Victoria? We really think Marty would love getting involved in that. Fortunately i can also report and Marty's separation anxiety has calmed down as he has settled into life with us. We are able to leave him out of the crate and he has dramatically cut down on destroying things while we are away :) thank goodness! He still has a soft spot for opening cupboards and drawers and placing utensils, pots and pans around the apartment though! Other than that Marty is wonderful and manages to amaze us constantly with how quick, smart and affectionate he is. He has become a member of the family and has easily slipped into the hearts of all of our friends and family (no matter how unsure of him they originally may have been). 2 minutes with Marty and it is hard not to immediately fall in love with him. He gladly accompanies us to parties and gatherings whenever possible and quickly becomes the center of everyone's attention.

Thanks for the update guys!

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