Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why I love my Saturdays

Can I just say that I love my Saturdays. They're always a little bit hectic and if I seem a little frazzled, well, I'm always a little frazzled. There are many reasons why I love them but here is just a few:

I get to hang out with Sarah and she teaches me all sorts of cool things about dog behavior and training.
Then I get to test my skills and help people like Bryce train his foster dog Rock. You guys are doing an awesome job with him by the way.

I get to see certain dogs week after week and see them improve. Mr Narone here has been getting daily trips every Saturday out of the Vancouver Animal Shelter to work on his obedience and get some time away from the stressful life at the shelter. He is such an amazing dog; none of us can believe that he hasn't found his forever home yet. Thanks to Caitlyn for coming out and training him this week.

I get to see some of our Alumni, like Rhea, with their new owners and know that we made the best decision possible!

I get to hang out with big dorks like Rock and get bully kisses! They all know me as the cookie lady so they make sure to pay extra special attention to me.

I meet other owners who are just like me and who absolutely adore their pit bull. They are committed to the pit bull breed and want to ensure that their dog is a well-trained ambassador who is out there changing attitudes. Miss Jada here is an amazing dog who clearly adores her owner!

On this particular Saturday. Sam brought a few of the Cabbage Patch Kids to hang out and their foster homes could pick them up from the training. Everyone got their puppy cuddles and our puppies got a lot of great exposure and socialization.

This Saturday was also very special for this cutey-pie. I went and picked Martin up at the crack of dawn (well, 830 sure felt early as I hadn't had my coffee yet!) and he hung out with me all day. His new family came to meet him at the training session and everyone agreed that it was a good match! It is currently a foster-to-adopt situation but we sure are keeping our fingers crossed that Martin makes himself right at home.

So that is my Saturday. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I do!

Ciao for now,


Training Coordinator


  1. I'm so happy for Martin. He's a wonderful dog who deserves a good home.


  2. He will make such a great canine companion for them. Such a sweet boy.